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6065Re: [F-Costume] Stiffening fabric

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  • Daniel Sanders
    Jun 24, 2013
      > <<I'm not sure there's a good answer to that w/o more information....
      > where and how are you using the fabric???>>
      A short sleeved button down and then flatlined for a pair of shorts. Not sure what you mean by "where" am I using it?
      > Most fabric that's not stiff enough, if it's in the body of the costume,
      > I just flatline it.
      Well, I'm flatlining the shorts, but is prefer not to flatline the shirt.
      > In tops, sometimes a good piece of interfacing placed properly handles
      > getting fabric to behave in certain areas.
      I know I'll be using two layers of heavier than average weight stiff silk organza to really give some stability to the collar stand and then one layer of the organza in the collar itself so it's stiff-ish. But where do you mean by "properly placed interfacing"? As in a yoke?

      <<If it's sleeves, not sure there is a cure beyond starch. Hair spray is going to wash out too. You'd have to test a lot, and it could yellow your fabric.>>

      Yeah the yellowing is my fear. It's expensive fabric for a shirting. I'll definitely test. Also, I'm okay with hairspray washing out. I'll just re spray with each ironing. I don't need the garments to stand on their own, I'd just like to be able to add a little crispness, if it comes to that.

      The only thing that has me curious is its listed as a cotton and silk shirting, but says "wouldn't it make up a beautiful shirt, blouse, structured dress or" . . . "Children's/ babies wear". Say wha?? Babies wear makes me thing drapey and soft and shirting makes me think crisp. They charge $7.99 shipping plus the price of the swatch to mail me a sample. . . in a regular envelope. So I'd rather not order a swatch. Because they don't apply it to the shipping on the yardage you get if you place a real order which I've had some websites do. Most don't even charge me for a sample.
      > More info please...
      > -Cat-

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