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6013Re: [F-Costume] Dyeing Question

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  • carolkocian
    May 13, 2013
      Hi Daniel,

      The reason they say to wash fabrics in cold water is to protect any dye or
      finish they have on them. In the good old days, linen shirts and shifts
      were boiled to launder them. Silk cocoons are put into hot water (not sure
      if it's boiling) to kill the worm and so that the fiber can be reeled off.
      So the fibers themselves can withstand the heat.

      I suggest that you take a swatch of fabric and treat it as you will when
      dyeing it. That way you can see the effect. A smooth fabric might get
      fuzzy, for example.

      Finally, there are cold-water dyes.

      Remember also that silk and wool tend to dye easily, cotton and linen not
      so much. Linen is more stubborn than cotton. It takes a different type of
      dye for silk and wool (animal fibers) as opposed to cotton and wool (plant
      fibers). You can buy the specialized dye, and Rit contains both types.


      > What is the appropriate temperature to dye linen, linen/ cotton,
      > linen/silk fabrics in? Everywhere I've looked online tells me that the
      > water should be at about 140%, but to also follow the fabric care
      > instructions, which are to wash and rinse in cold water.
      > That comes across as conflicting to me, so I thought I'd ask my dyeing
      > friends here as opposed to working through a website that will only say
      > "well, here is what you can do with the products you buy from us" when I
      > already have all the product and fabric I need. Thanks in advance for any
      > information you guys could throw me way!
      > Best,
      > Daniel
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