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6012Re: [F-Costume] Dyeing Question

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  • Aurora Celeste
    May 13, 2013
      If you put linen in hot water it will soften up and lose that linen polish
      look. I usually wash mine in hot because I like softer linen. Many
      manufacturers of clothes nowadays are lazy, too, and either don't
      pre-shrink their fabric or use cheap, non-color-fast dyes and just put on
      the label "cold only" to get away with it with minimum complaints. If its
      fabric take a sample chunk (if you can spare it) and try it out.

      On Monday, May 13, 2013, Daniel Sanders wrote:

      > What is the appropriate temperature to dye linen, linen/ cotton,
      > linen/silk fabrics in? Everywhere I've looked online tells me that the
      > water should be at about 140%, but to also follow the fabric care
      > instructions, which are to wash and rinse in cold water.
      > That comes across as conflicting to me, so I thought I'd ask my dyeing
      > friends here as opposed to working through a website that will only say
      > "well, here is what you can do with the products you buy from us" when I
      > already have all the product and fabric I need. Thanks in advance for any
      > information you guys could throw me way!
      > Best,
      > Daniel
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