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5914Upcoming Viennese and Steampunk Costume Walkabout at Copley Hall (San Diego)

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  • Mari
    Dec 3 11:36 AM
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      Hello All! I am including Jerry Abuan's writeup about the Silent Film
      Costume Walkabout last Sunday! Please don't be shy about sending in
      your input and views about these Walkabouts at Copley Hall . . I do
      forward them and appreciate them. Happy Walkers mean more walkabouts at
      classy places!!! Look forward to Jerry's photos of the walkabout and any
      that you wonderful walkers would like to share! Thank you all again!
      Next Walkabout at Copley Hall: Celtic Christmas on Saturday, December
      22nd! Don't forget the Viennesse (and Steampunk) Masked Ball Costume
      Walkabout on New Year's Day at Copley Hall - visit my website for more
      details: www.costumewalkabout.com <http://www.costumewalkabout.com/>
      RSVPs are open for both! Jerry Wrote: The Silent Film Costume
      Walkabout at Copley Hall on Sunday, December 2nd went smoothly. The
      concertgoers were thrilled and surprised to see costumed people at this
      event. I think it is a great idea, since it changes up what the Symphony
      has done in the past. Tony and Daniel dressed up as Keystone cops and a
      lot of the kids and adults alike got a kick out of that. We mingled
      inside and outside of the hall lobby. We passed out flyers as people
      came in as well. There were 3 films played with intermissions between
      each one. The organist was great as always. We've seen him before at
      Symphony Hall. All in all it was a great walkabout!

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