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5903Re: [F-Costume] Re: Pattern Mod help

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  • aquazoo@patriot.net
    Nov 19, 2012
      At the fabric store, just explain that you are trying to decide between a
      couple of different patterns, and that you would like to see the
      instructions for each before you decide. The clerk might want to pull the
      sheets out of the envelope for you, if they are concerned that anything
      will get rumpled too much.

      Coutil is the best, but any fabric that is tightly-woven and firm should
      do. Natural fibers will be more comfortable against the skin.

      While a corset will anchor the weight of the dress at the waist, you will
      probably want to extend it to flare over the hips. Depending on the shape
      of the client, boning that ends at the waist can be really uncomfortable.

      Something else that will help support the sleeves is to have them snug in
      the upper arm. That way it's not the neckline or shoulder straps carrying
      all the weight.


      > Do you know of any good patterns for the foundation garment I could use?
      > Ideal fabrics? I know that coutil is used alot in corsets....
      > So the foundation is sewn into the side seams of the dress with a waist
      > ribbon belt that is slightly smaller than the waist and closed with
      > hook+eye..and obviously the dress is closed with whatever closure (zipper
      > in my case)...is that right?
      > Usually when I buy patterns I get them online, but I've started to get
      > them from the fabric department when I'm in the capitial. They are kept in
      > a bunch of cabinets behind a sort of bar thing where they keep the
      > catalogs so I dont think you're actually allowed to rummage for yourself,
      > have to ask a staff member for the specific one you want. Could always ask
      > next time I'm in there. :)
      > I refuse to so much as buy a button until I get those measurements, so all
      > I can do is twiddle my thumbs and seek advice on this dress.
      > Fittings? I wish I had the luxury of such a thing. We live in separate
      > areas of the country, so honestly the first time I'll know if it fits her
      > properly on not is when she tries on the final garment.
      > This is my first time making something that isn't designed to fit me
      > specifically.....This dress will make me have premature grey hairs at the
      > end!
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