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  • F-Costume@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2012
      Monthly rules reminder....

      Yahoo groups have multiple options for receiving messages.
      - individual<br>
      - digest - all messages combined and sent once a day (or every 25 messages)
      - special announcements - moderators mention just big news and tips or web updates
      - no mail - you must pick up all messages on the web. (Consider using special announcements instead to find out about big things coming.)

      Yahoo photo space is limited.
      - please recognize that photos posted there will be temporary
      -- use links to other photo sources to keep a picture permanently with a message.


      We will strive to save many of the tips and article posted here. We already have a good start at http://www.alleycatscratch.com Articles and tips from this list will be added there. (Note: authors retain copyright to all their own posts, but we share them in an easy to access format. Please notify the moderators if you do not wish to have your posts included in our knowledgebase.)

      Ok... now for the icky stuff... please give this at least one read... for they are different than some lists you are used to.

      Be nice.. no flaming. Respect everyone, even if they're different from you. Different opinions are allowed. This is not rocket science -- there can be more than one right answer depending on the circumstances.

      This list is for everyone from 8 to 80. Please leave the swearing at home. However, since we will be talking about costumes and fit, sometimes we will need to talk about anatomy and why certain types of fit work.

      Please make sure your Subject is correct. Change it as needed.

      Please trim your posts!!!!! A lot of folks use yahoo digest. Be kind to them Just copy a sentence or 2 from the other post.

      This is a costume research list. Everything about costume building and construction as well as wearing them is on topic. If we know a better list for your questions, we may refer you there, but that doesn't mean you can't still talk about it here.

      We will probably be talking about a lot of movies. Anything about costumes is on topic as well as a bit a chatter about it being a good movie. However, please keep "fan" chatter about the actors or characters to the fan boards unless it directly affects how the costumes are made or worn.

      Also on movie costumes... this is a costume research list.... We do NOT observe spoilers. We will dissect costume pictures as soon as we get them. However, out of courtesy, do limit any plot discussion to just what is required for the costume... and hold the rest until after the movie opens.

      No spamming allowed... Violators will not only be banned, but we report the message directly to yahoo... so they'll shut you down on all the groups. Net result... you will have wasted not just our time, but yours.

      While we love learning about new places to buy materials, tools and accessories... THIS IS NOT A BUY/SELL LIST. We are about learning to do it for ourselves. Please do not ask here for someone to make you an outfit. Vendors, please do not use this as an advertising list. Business signatures are allowed but kept them short, not a commercial. When in doubt about something, ask the moderators off list first.

      Everyone is allowed one e-bay post per year... full costume, accessories, whichever. If you've a great sale deal on your own things and feel the group could benefit with an additional post, please talk to the moderators first.

      The moderators reserve the right to ban or moderate anyone breaking the rules. But we�re rather just have fun researching costumes with everyone else.

      If you do not wish to belong to F-Costume, you may
      unsubscribe by sending an email to


      Moderators, F-Costume
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