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5682Independent Movie looking for ORIGINAL Costumes (Los Angeles area)

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Mar 1, 2012
      Hey folks in LA,

      Have a request from some folks doing a movie that is looking for
      costumers - Superhero, Steampunk and more - to be in a movie filming in
      June. It's a no-pay.... but they'll feed and water you during filming,
      give you a DVD of the finished movie and an invite to a cast/crew screening.

      (If you've playing around in the LA film scene, that's better than
      you'll see on most no-budget flicks. Ya do it for fun, for experience,
      etc...) This is not their first production. Their last film won
      numerous film festival awards... so it's a less stress way to have you
      costume in a film if you wish.

      Shooting is the beginning of June, 2012. Submission deadline is May
      15th, 2012 (See bottom for details.)

      Anyway here's a list of what they're looking for...

      - Superheroes (mainly)

      - Sideskicks

      - Steampunk/Gothic

      - WWII/SCA

      - LOJ/Fey Folk

      - WoW-ish or other gaming character of your own design

      - Costumed characters from the above list for a Bar/Nightclub scene are
      also needed.

      All costumes need to be original. Ie, no copyrighted characters from
      the movies/comics etc. If you have an original character you have
      created... that is OK. They just ask for permission to use it in the
      movie and for all things related to the movie. (You keep the copyright.)

      Costume creator and costume wearer do not have to be the same person.
      (Just make sure you're paperwork is correct.)

      Also, there are a few extra speaking rolls that you may addition for.

      A summary of most of the info is here:

      Below are more details about what they are looking for, and what will
      happen on set. (Hey, the write-up showing their ducks are in a row is
      one of the reasons I'm doing more than just a cut and paste. Costuming
      is herding cats, but looks like they're organized at it.)


      Hi Everyone;

      We are a small independent production looking for cosplayers in the Los
      Angeles area.

      Shoot dates are currently around the first two weeks of June 2012.

      This is a micro-budget feature, but the director's last film did win the
      "Best Picture" award at eight film festivals. So it should be a fun,
      safe project. And hopefully a good experience for everyone involved
      There is no pay, but it's a great chance to have your original costume
      featured in a movie.

      *_Here are the types of costumes we are looking for:_*

      Superheroes (mainly)




      LOJ/Fey Folk

      WoW-ish or other gaming character of your own design

      Costumed characters from the above list for a Bar/Nightclub scene are
      also needed.

      *_What your character will be doing:_*

      The film is an indie comedy called "/Real Heroes/" about a group of
      B-string superheroes who go on a reality television show to promote
      their careers.

      Your character is "auditioning" for a reality show where you will pitch
      yourself to the "Producers" to try to get on the show.

      We are also looking for those of you with some acting experience to do
      some auditions as sidekicks.
      Please submit a one page resume along with your costume submission.
      Production is non-union.

      You don't need to deliver dialog unless you're comfortable with it.
      Everyone who would like to deliver dialog will have a chance to shoot
      their character "auditioning" for the reality show. Note that due to
      editing constraints, not all of these will end up in the final movie.

      *_Submission Rules:_*

      All submissions must be of original design. No licensed, trademarked or
      copy written characters.

      All cosplayers must submit a full color photo of their costume &/or
      accessories with them in it. *_No Exceptions._*

      All submissions must be PG. No nudity is allowed.

      No liquids, messy substances, real weapons of any kind or anything that
      may pose a danger is allowed.

      To be in the film, you will have to sign a release that production can
      freely use your image and your character in the film.

      We are looking for 18 and over at the moment, but please do submit your
      cosplay information if your under 18.

      We will need to have you and a legal parent/guardian sign a release that
      you are under 18 and that production will be freely using your character
      and image in the film.

      If you show up in a costume that you did not get pre-approval for from
      production and/or that violates any of the above submission rules you
      will be sent home.

      *_No Exceptions._*


      *_Production will provide the following:_*

      Meals as well as water & soda for the day(s) you are on set.

      First Aid station

      Everyone who participates will get a copy of the finished movie, and an
      invitation to the cast and crew screening. And everyone who shoots an
      "audition scene" will get a copy of it for their own use, regardless of
      whether it appears in the finished film or not. This is our way of
      saying thanks for coming out in costume. You may post these to your
      social media and cosplay pages.

      *_Things to keep in mind while you are on set:_*

      Production reserves the right to have security escort you from the
      premises if you are causing any type of disruption.

      **Cell Phone/Camera Policy: *You may bring your cell phone/cameras.
      Please do not be a disruption during filming. Do *NOT* use the flash
      while we are filming. Photos are allowed with the cast and your fellow
      cosplayers during lunch & breaks.

      You may be in your costume and/or make-up for up to 8 hours. Please come
      in something comfortable you can be in all day.

      _Important note:_Please make sure that you and your costume are clean
      and non-odiferous. We will all be in close quarters so be kind to those
      around you.

      If your character wears contacts, make sure you are able to see
      comfortably at all times.

      We do not have lockers, make-up stations or wardrobe changing areas.
      Please come ready to shoot.

      If you need an assistant to help with your costume please let us know in
      your submission. We will try and accommodate if possible.

      *_Submission Information:_*

      Submission deadline is May 15th, 2012. We will not be accepting any
      cosplayers after this date.
      Submissions can be sent to the following email:
      *realheroescostumes@... <mailto:realheroescostumes@...>*

      Please include your full name, name of your character/costume, your age
      and your contact information.

      A full color photo with you in your costume with your accessories MUST
      accompany all submissions.

      Please keep all photos under 1MG. Do not attach resumes, add them to the
      bottom of your email.

      As we will be getting a lot of submissions, please be aware that it may
      take some time to get back to you. Production will contact you by email
      with the location and day(s) of filming once we have made our decisions.

      A photo id. is required the day(s) we shoot. Please bring that with you.

      We look forward to your submissions!



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