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5555Re: [F-Costume] looking for good resource books

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  • Judy Mitchell
    Sep 10, 2011
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      I'd also be leery of trusting anything in a Mel Gibson movie (some are
      ok, most are not) for historical accuracy in costuming. Braveheart takes
      place in 13th cent Scotland. They didn't even get some of the facts and
      battles correct. and checking on google images (have you tried that?
      braveheart princess - you get pics) I see there are a few outfits. Which
      are you talking about? I hope not that awful heraldic thing that is very

      I guess what we need is whether you want specific to Braveheart, or
      medieval in general - and if so, medieval in which country and what time
      frame as fashions did change.


      On 09/10/2011 12:05 AM, alice.mcguinness wrote:
      > Hello all;
      > I am an okay sewer but do not know how to tailer. I am actually writing an historical novel (yeah, yeah, LOL, its okay)its fun just doing all the vast research. But what I need are books that help me with terminology for making midieval clothing. I have to be able to discribe ...everything and I loved the costomes worn by the princess in Braveheart. I can't find any details about how her costomes were made or what embellishments were used. I can't even find a good picture to print just so I can start isolating the different "things" and researching what they are. Can someone please be kind enough to direct me to any reference sources that would help. Thank you.
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