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54Re: [F-Costume] Re: Costume fabric Q.

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  • Mandy Oldroyd
    Jul 1, 2005
      I bought mine in Berwick (pronounced Berrik) street in London.
      I am now minus several limbs as the metallic version is not cheap
      12GBP per meter, about 22 USD/yard. However the velvet for the rest of
      that outfit was a bargain so I decided it was OK.
      In the UK there are quite a few places to buy the plain silk organza
      but I had to have THAT one. (you know how that goes!)

      Now planning a late Victorian/fantasy outfit for an SF "do". Building
      from the inside out so this weekend it's the corset. I dyed the satin
      coutil last weekend as it was optic white and I don't do white. Some
      plant sprayer bottles and three colours of dye later
      it's a wonderful mottled sludgy mix of rust orange, chocolate brown
      and olive green.. It may see daylight as outerwear too so I need it to
      be wearable.

      in the UK

      On 01/07/05, Judy Mitchell <judymitch@...> wrote:
      > Cillista wrote:
      > > Btw,
      > > where did you get that fabric the only places i've seen it want a
      > > fortune.
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