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5380Re: [F-Costume] Fake leather out of felt?

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  • slc_fire
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Cat has instructions on alleycatscratch -

      From: antigone68104 <LLWatts@...>
      To: F-Costume@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wed, June 1, 2011 12:00:48 PM
      Subject: [F-Costume] Fake leather out of felt?

      As if I didn't have enough projects going on ... I signed up to make a costume
      for Timmy, ThinkGeek's monkey mascot. I'm doing a superhero costume, as part of
      it I will need to make stuffed-monkey sized boots and gauntlets.

      There may be a vinyl thin enough (and available in red) to make tiny boots and
      gloves without looking ridiculous, but I haven't found it. The same problem
      holds for using real leather. I remember seeing a discussion of a way to treat
      felt with glue to make something that would look enough like leather for stage
      purposes, and that should be good for this. Trouble is, I can't find that

      Has anyone tried something like this? I have some test pieces drying on the
      porch, but no point in completely re-inventing the wheel. Especially since this
      needs to be at ThinkGeek HQ by mid-July at the latest.


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