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5309Re: [F-Costume] HBO Go

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  • Sarah Strong
    May 1 3:07 PM
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      well... the real jackpot will be if making the books into mini-series
      will light a fire under Martin's tail to get the rest of the books done.

      On 4/30/2011 9:44 PM, Cat Devereaux wrote:
      > They'll probably be included on the DVD's. The problem, they don't come
      > out for an extra long time. They're excluded from netflix for a while.
      > Bought sets, those come out rather expensive... unless you catch a
      > special sale.... then you have to buy right then or the price goes up again.
      > And right now, looks like Go is just an addon to your cable.
      > You're going to need to find a friend and bring the pizza for a
      > marathon.... 'cause it's real doubtful you'll get to see it as early as
      > next year.
      > -Cat-
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