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5265Steampunk Costume Walkabout and STEAMPUNK Costume Competition - 4/16/11

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  • Mari
    Apr 1, 2011
      Please forgive any duplication . . . I am sending this Costume Walkabout
      notice to several groups (Lady M).

      IT'S APRIL!!!! The Steampunk Costume Walkabout and Steampunk
      Costume Competition IS SO ON!!!!!

      Because of time restraints (after all, this IS a one-woman operation) .
      . . the costume competition categories have been combined so that ANYONE
      and EVERYONE who wishes to participate can become a contestant! (There
      were many of you that were not sure which category you would fit into.)

      To enter the Steampunk Costume Competition you still have to provide
      information about your attire/costume. When you check in on Saturday,
      April 16th, you will receive a "competition goodie bag". All
      attendees/visitors to the Walkabout/Antique Show will be given tickets
      to place in the competitor's bag whom they choose as a "best
      costume" – then at the competition time – our announcer (The
      Voice of the North County Fair) will call each contestant and read their
      descriptions (the contestant will model their creation), then the
      contestants with the most tickets (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will be
      announced! Should there be a "tie" (or a Steammie hissy fit),
      well, that's what Frank! of Collector Magazine and my Steampunk
      judges are for! But really, my fellow steammies, I need a headcount of
      contestants so I can have plenty of competition bags, tickets and

      I wish to thank those who have submitted to enter the competition (a
      good selection!). I have a few STEAMTOTS on my roster . . . these little
      folks are CUTE!!! For those reluctant or procrastinating to enter the
      competition . . . First Prize is $100 (cash) + prizes! (This may not
      seem like a lot, but I would be happy with it); Second Prize is $50.00
      (cash) + prizes and Third Prize is PRIZES!!!! STEAMTOTS - PRIZES!!!!
      (Sorry, what would a 10-year old or younger do with a handful of
      money?????) Ready to sign-up and get yours? For details visit:
      www.costumewalkabout.com <http://www.costumewalkabout.com/> or send an
      email with your information to RSVP@...
      <mailto:RSVP@...> and put "Steampunk
      Competition" in the subject line.

      With that mouthful out of the way . . . I am asking for "ticket
      walkers" to help give out tickets at the front gate to attendees of
      the Antiques Show. If anyone is interested (my stars I hope so!),
      please contact me at: Ladymari@...
      <mailto:Ladymari@...> and put "Ticket Walker"
      in the subject line.

      Don't worry my wonderful Costume Walkers! The Costume Walkabout
      Raffle is alive and well! Like always, there will be shopping
      certificates, movie passes, gidgets, gadgets, hatwear and knick-knacky
      wonders to behold!!

      Remember: Attending the Costume Walkabout means many, many KODAK
      MOMENTS! So don't forget to shine up, wind up, gear up, and be
      prepared to STRUT YOUR STUFF!

      The time to RSVP is still open! Show your support to Gaslight
      Gathering! Send up some smoke signals, put on your Saturday best and

      RSVP@... <mailto:RSVP@...>

      Lady Mari

      Creator and Coordinator of Lady Mari's Costume Walkabout

      P.S. I will be at the Escondido Renfare
      <http://www.goldcoastfestivals.com/Escondido.html> this Saturday (4/2)
      with the San Diego Costume Guild (at their absolutely fantabulous
      encampment!). Please come on down and visit! See you there!

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