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  • slc_fire
    Mar 7, 2011
      These are fantabulous! I knew there was a lot of history behind Mardi Gras but I
      wasn't aware of the Widows. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to
      seeing more!

      This really makes me want to go next year!


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      I am at Mardi Gras having a blast. Monday and Mardi Gras Day we will be in
      New Orleans. I need some help! Mardi Gras morning there will be a
      Renaissance costumed walking club (group) who will be strolling the French
      Quarter of New Orleans. I don't know their name or touring schedule. They
      end their stroll at the Mississippi River then drop wreaths in it. Next,
      anyone who has ashes of loved ones may sprinkle them in the river. Can you
      please find a website with this the name and tour route of the touring
      group. I want to photo the event. This is a real funeral.

      Today I attended the mock funeral for Joe Cain in Mobile, Alabama. Joe Cain
      was a real person who started Mardi Gras back up in 1866 after the Civil
      War. Sunday was Joe Cain Day aka the People's Mardi Gras Parade. The day
      starts with Cain's Widows with a grave side service at his actual grave.
      The Merry Widows are dressed in mourning attire from various times from
      bustle to present day. My favorite was his bustle beauty widow.bustle
      mourning dress, a garter, and she smokes a large cigar. At the cemetery
      after the funeral, a man got on bended knee and removed her garter. After
      the funeral there was a New Orleans Marching Club (with Dixieland jazz music
      like in the movies). We went to the MG parade where the Merry Widows were
      on the first Mardi Gras float. While waiting for the parade to begin, the
      widows walk around giving out black roses and black strands of beads, lucky
      people also get a cup, special beads, and a black garter. Guess what I
      got?!!! All the previous and press access to walk around and photograph all
      of this!!! I weaved all my roses together to make a wreath of black roses
      for my head.

      I walked back to my holding area and one of my crew noticed a lot of women
      in red attire stationed before the Merry Widows Float. We HAD to check this
      out! The women were Joe Cain's Mistresses. One Lady in Red looked at my
      black rose wreath and said, "You need some red in there and handed me two
      red roses." Love press access! Later, I weaved the red roses into my

      I photographed and filmed the entire parade. Ever want to be a target at a
      MG parade, put a video camera on a tripod. Mine was covered with MG beads.
      I had to hold on to the tripod to keep my camcorder from falling. Beads
      were hitting my head and hanging from the wreath on my head.

      Some Photos: Please do not copy these photos.I am just putting them online
      quickly to show you.

      All the Widows during graveside service:


      Merry Widows after service with the trumpeter from Marching Club:


      Joe Cain's Real Grave:


      Me with the Bustle Widow:


      Joe Cain's Mistress:


      Me & my Mobile Crew.you can see the wreath of Cain roses:


      Got to go to bed! A BIG day ahead!

      Penny Ladnier, owner

      The Costume Gallery Websites

      <http://www.costumegallery.com/> www.costumegallery.com

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