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  • Dina
    Dec 1, 2010
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      As a mom to two little proto-princesses, they tend to through a stage where they like pink and they like dressing things, even the one who says she wants to marry the princess and fight the dragon (Mommy, can 2 princesses marry? Yes dear, if they really want to. Good, cause I never want to have kids!).

      Princess is not so much rank as being special to my girls. Everyone wants to be special.

      Antidotes: The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch and The Practical Princess by Jay Williams

      Both were made into animated shorts that no one has ever heard of...


      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, Cat Devereaux <CatDevereaux@...> wrote:
      > What a character does in a costume does not only help form the basic
      > costume, but our recreation of it. (How many folks cut down their
      > sleeves and trains after taking pics on their LOTR elves... that's
      > make-believe and we're wearing them in the real world.)
      > >> 'Princess'-centric fairy tales are my big beef with Disney; yes,
      > princesses are pretty, but the last one the world had did not LIVE
      > happily ever after.
      > Totally agree... Guess what. So does Disney. Details here:
      > http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-1121-tangled-20101121,0,7895261.story
      > . It says they're closing the book on fairy tales... buffing up the boy
      > bit. However, as we see in Tangled, they're still very into selling
      > pink and purple to girls, and I have to question how having the boy
      > being the charming heart-of-gold thief (reformed or not), makes a better
      > roll model for boys.
      > Disney is a monster marketing machine and will keep targeting the kids,
      > but at least the costumes have more spunk to them.
      > While we're talking about the film. Here's a short article, talks about
      > the hair and what it took to animate it.
      > http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/movies/2010/11/tangled-hair.html#more
      > This movie does look like much fun. With that much activity, should be
      > interesting to watch what the animators do with the fabric. While
      > saving off the high-rez pictures, I noticed that they're representing
      > seams... there's a shot of the guy upside down, legs in "V" that lets
      > you check out construction for his trousers. <G> The animators are
      > discovering that you do have to pay attention to seams to get clothing
      > to move right. They don't always pay attention yet, as we saw by the 3
      > versions of the tangled dress, but at least they're getting there.
      > For those interested in more on computers and clothing, there's a link
      > in our Archive here to an article where the costume designer for Avatar
      > talks about taking samples of fabrics and weaving to the animators and
      > the issues and back and forth. It's worth looking up if you missed it
      > the first time.
      > -Cat-
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