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4693Recommended shapewear?

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  • Anna M.C.
    May 1, 2010

      I've seen folks here recommend wearing shapewear to firm up the figure beneath some costumes. I haven't been impressed with the cheap stuff. What would you say is the best brand/type to buy? I'm interested in something that would go from the ribcage to derriere, and could be unsnapped/unhooked between the legs so that bathroom breaks aren't such a formidably lengthy adventure. Something that doesn't attach between the legs is unfortunately not an option, since my hips are so much larger than my waist, as soon as I move, unattached shapewear merrily rolls upward (I speak with the voice of bitter experience). I'd like something that'd just firm and support a bit, not cut off all blood circulation to the point of gangrene. :D

      Many thanks,

      Anna M.C.
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