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  • Sterling
    Dec 2, 2009
      I'm tired of taping my patterns to my back glass door in order to trace my patterns. I've decided to build a Tracing Table. Right now in the preliminary stages I'm thinking of somewhere in the size range of 24" x 48". I've got a small table, but it's a pain to have to move the pattern several times to get the full thing traced.

      Anyone have any thoughts on Tracing Tables in general?

      Anyone know of any plans for Tracing Tables that size? I've tried to find plans, but have not been able to locate anything of that size range?

      Plexi of a decent thickness seems to be <coff> <coff> a bit on the pricy side. Are there cheaper alternatives? …ways to brace the thin stuff so it will work?

      As costumers we deal in a lot of non-standard things. Which is why I was wanting it so much bigger that what I have been seeing in the local stores or available online. Am I shooting too high? Is there a better alternate size?

      Thanx all for your thoughts…
      92.5% Pure
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