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4160Re: [F-Costume] Re: Online Store Selling Bias Tape..... Businesses only

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  • Melody Watts
    Mar 8, 2009
      Last time I contacted CheepTrims, about a week ago, they replied they only sell to the trade,you must have a business license to buy.Too bad.

      " But, WHY, is the Rum all gone?"

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      From: Cat Devereaux <CatDevereaux@...>
      Subject: Re: [F-Costume] Re: Online Store Selling Bias Tape
      To: F-Costume@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 3:03 PM

      >>Ya, I think I got a rough idea how to make Bias Tape using one of
      those "Bias Tape Making tool"; just not sure if can find one locally for
      making 25mm or even 50mm Bias Tape

      Mail order?
      http://www.joann. com/joann/ catalog.jsp? CATID=cat3720& PRODID=prd2791 The
      one on the bottom is 2" . These look like single fold which is what
      you want for this. Looking at the pics from the other day, it's not
      dual fold (the edging stuff.)

      >> and what type of Satin or Gold Fabric to use.

      There in lies the catch. A polly satin will work MUCH better than
      anything that is gold woven/coated or whatever . (This said speaking as
      someone who needed over 30 yards for her sisters wedding dress. Though
      admittedly I drafted her work mates and taught them how to make the
      stuff. I just hand-sewed) Polly-satin slides like a (inset favorite
      cuss word in capitals) and is better sliced up and ironed with a team of
      2 or 3. However, it does press with enough steam. (Besides the
      turning tool, use tools and/or those finger pressing mits.)

      If you want something with real gold color, then you get into the coated
      fabrics. DO NOT USE TISSUE LAME! The coated fabrics are knits. You get
      less bias action AND you're going to have more trouble ironing in the
      crease and probably need to use a teflon pressing cloth to up the heat.

      Other options, both cost more money... (Note: you're hitting the 2 of 3
      rule right in the head: You want it perfect, now, cheap... pick two.)

      1) You can have bias tape custom made from a fabric you select or ask
      them telling the color. It may take a bit of research, but there are
      folks that will do it. Quanity vs. setup charge are the deciding factor.

      2) When dealing with something drawn, or small where detail is SUCKed
      out just to make it work, my rules is anything under 1" is fair game.
      An expanded version of that is, just because it's drawn flat, doesn't
      mean it's not textured. What does that give you???? 2" wide
      flexible gold trim. Total time saver.

      I couldn't find good trim pictures in the wide width, but here's some
      examples in narrow: http://trims- things.com/ products/ metallic_ mix.htm
      All those kinds of trim move around curves beautifully. You want to
      find someone who will sell by the bundle or roll. Don't buy by the
      yard. (The only places I know that carry the wide stuff are in downtown
      LA and don't do mail order.... but if you find the trim, look for larger
      quantiles.) Sometimes it's called braid, sometimes gimp. Folks aren't
      consistent. Cheap trims http://www.cheeptri ms.com/, has a 1 1/2 inch in
      gold or 1 5/8 in copper . Good prices, but they have a $65 minimum.

      Another advantage of trim on the bottom, great weight, great swirl.


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