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4150Re: Online Store Selling Bias Tape

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  • Sarah
    Mar 2, 2009
      Blanket binding is usually straight grain, so it will only work best
      on straight edges. You can gather the edges to make it go around
      curves, but you will see the gathers.

      Bias tape is not hard to make out of yard goods. Then it can be any
      width you need. If what you need is wider than any of the folding
      tools you can get at the fabric store, then you'll have to fold the
      edges yourself. It helps to use the edge of a manila folder, to
      provide a nice firm straight edge to press the seam allowance of the
      bias over.

      To cut the tape, press the fabric (don't melt it) and lay it out on
      your cutting table in one layer, with the grain aligned with the edge
      of the table or mat. If you have a grid mat, that helps because it has
      a 45 degree angle marked on it. Depending on the fabric, you can cut
      the strips with a rotary cutter, or mark them and cut with scissors.
      Some silks and synthetics don't cut well with the rotary cutter, they
      get the edges embedded in the cutting mat, and then when you pick them
      up the edge gets all messed up. For the amount of handling you'll be
      doing, you want those edges to be nice and neat.
      Join strips on the straight grain to make sufficient length for your

      I'll bet there's an online tutorial for making bias tape, and someone
      will post the link...

      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, "darth_eagle" <darth_eagle@...> wrote:
      > Can anyone recommend a Website that sells 25-50mm Bias Tape, Satin or
      > Foil Jersey (?? the Shiny kind usually only comes in Gold, Silver,
      > Metallic Blue etc colors).
      > I'm planning to do the Costume for Hades Alone from the Manga (and
      > upcoming Anime) "Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas" so might need Bias Tape
      > that wide and can't seems to find it here in Singapore except in
      > Cotton:
      > The Manga Look (which I'm mostly following)
      > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/Sith_Haldir/Cosplay/Stseiya/Hade
      > s_Alone/tlc17_004alone.jpg
      > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/Sith_Haldir/Cosplay/Stseiya/Hade
      > s_Alone/tlc17_002alone.jpg
      > The Anime Look
      > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/Sith_Haldir/Cosplay/Stseiya/Hade
      > s_Alone/lost_canvas_anime_alone01.jpg
      > http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/Sith_Haldir/Cosplay/Stseiya/Hade
      > s_Alone/page_049b.jpg
      > If such Wide Bias Tape isn't available online, is it possible to
      > convert Satin Blanket Binding Tape into Bias Tape? Are Blanket
      > Binding Tape cut in the same way as Bias Tape?
      > Thanks :)
      > Fatimah
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