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4074Re: Rouching a bodice Test strips?

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  • jehanni2
    Jan 10, 2009
      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, Alyson <tolkienscholar@...> wrote:
      <<snip>> I think velvet is one of those fabrics that speaks for itself
      and needs little to embellish it. :)<<snip>>

      Though you're not working in velvet any more, I can't resist
      commenting. I do love "plain" velvet. I also think ruched velvet can
      be enticing because of the different angles catching the light in
      different ways: it can give a luxurious fabric even more dimensionality.

      This isn't the best photo, but the overgown I'm wearing--and the top
      half of my purse--is crossdyed and figured velvet that is smocked in a
      3-dimensional basketweave pattern using a technique called lattice or
      North American smocking.


      Lattice smocking also looks lovely in silks, because the sheen of the
      fabric catches the light at different angles, too. For some people,
      simplicity is its own virtue. For others, or at other times,
      complexity can be spectacular.
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