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4041Re: [F-Costume] Help with Tonks costume

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Dec 1, 2008
      Was just reviewing the costume again and noticed the name of the
      pictures. This is from Harry Potter! (Said I didn't know the
      costume.) While not throwing you off the list... and we're glad to
      help.... have you checked out the Harry Potter costuming list and
      web???? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MadameMalkins/ and
      http://www.costumebeginner.com/malkins/ (this link isn't working right
      now, but expect it to come back up)

      ** Reminder to everyone.... go to Movie Costumes on our web and click on
      Resources to find out where to look up movie costume research sites...
      and never be afraid to send us more.

      >> The fabric looks like that sort of "lizard skin" stuff, probably in
      with the suede-like and 'moleskin' fabrics, ... it's really easy to
      work with since it's likely a
      very stable knit

      I change what I said before and agree with Sara.

      Only thing you need to know about this fabric is that the mix of plastic
      dots/shapes and fuzzied knit, it's a bit hard on sewing needles. You
      should always put in a new needle for a new project... but this one
      could eat more than a few. When you're just sewing the coat, a medium
      universal (or ball) needle is fine. When you switch over to sewing on
      the trim, switch to a heavy universal needle... and if you're machine
      starts acting up, change needles again.

      Maybe: http://www.butterick.com/item/B6844.htm??tab=list/costumes&page=all

      Really depends on what the back look like. I think there's a waist seam
      in front... so a pirate or frock coat might work better. There are
      multiple options in simplicity... Adrea does a simple coat here that you
      could just lengthen:

      There are other options.

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