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4039Re: [F-Costume] Help with Tonks costume

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Dec 1, 2008
      >> Can anyone recommend someone who can make something like this for a
      reasonable price?

      Hi Cynthia... List mod here. Not meaning to be a grouch... but this
      list is a no-buy/no-sell list.... so the above question is a no-no.
      We're here to help folks learn to make there own things...( AND,
      recommendations or not or seamstress are a maddening mine field on a
      list of this size.)

      On to the rest of your questions/comments....

      >> help me with a Nymphadora Tonks costume.
      I was going to get a local alterations shop to make the jacket for
      me, but I'm becoming concerned about their level of expertise. They
      gave me a sample of fabric they thought would work, but they didn't
      know what the fabric is called.

      Now a days, that's not really an issue.... especially with the "fancy"
      fashion fabrics. They're not labeled well in the stores... and even
      when labeled they can be different from manufacture to manufacture.
      Yes, someone should know basic fiber contents and a few basic wool or
      silk weaves... but everything else... not unless you're a fashion student.

      Looking at that fabric... I'd say it's got some kind of an recrudescent
      iron on on top of a slightly fuzzy polly woven.. I'm sure there's a
      name for it... but as long as the fabric is close... is good.

      >> They also couldn't tell me how much fabric I should buy.

      Well, are they providing the pattern??? Or are you???

      It's easy though... go to a fabric store, or look on line for a pattern
      that has the same lines... and look at how much fabric they require for
      each of the widths. (If the fabric was ultra expensive or you only had
      a little bit there would be other ways to get more exact, but that's
      another post.) It's better to over estimate. Without going to the
      pattern books, I'd say look at stuff like the matrix coat pattern.
      However, there may be extra fullness. (I'm not familiar w/ this costume
      so I don't know how wide the back skirts of the coat are.) I'm guessing
      you might have to add two extra gores into a standard pattern to make it
      wide enough.... estimate that by just measuring waist to floor. Two
      gores will fit on one fabric width, with room to spare.

      So I either need to find someone else ... or try to tackle it myself.

      Hey, we're here to help... and it's really not that complex once you
      break down the shape and remove the ribbon decoration.

      The basic shape isn't that complex. Just start with a pattern that's
      close, add the extra changes, mock up a muslin... and get the problems
      worked out in cheap fabric.

      >>can someone recommend a pattern?

      If you need help picking a pattern after you've looked a bit, yelp.
      Start with Simplicity. Look at the line drawing on the pattern backs.
      Look at both the costume entries (like I said, see if the Matrix stuff
      is still around.) But also look at regular coats/outerwear... and just
      figure you'll add those side gores.

      Come back with some links to patterns, after you've done some leg work
      on the net. (You'll learn a lot just by looking at the pattern line
      drawings.) Share the links of those that you think are close and we'll
      help you with the next stage of the breakdown. (Also, keep repeating
      the pic links so folks that join in the conversation late can see what
      we're talking about.)

      On more bit of pattern help.... it's just a basic full length coat with
      long set in sleeves with a flared skirt. What we do need is a pic of
      the back. Are there princess seams... or just one seam on center back.
      Also, w/o a back pic, we don't know how/wear the skirt fullness is
      added. A cap with the coat in motion would also help.

      Do not look at patterns w/ the military shoulder tab. Those are easy to
      make on your own. Ignore any decoration or closures. You will just be
      adding the ribbon trimming on your own for fake closures. (That's why
      you want to look at the line drawings.)

      Good luck w/ research... and keep coming back and we'll help step you
      though it.


      >> Here are a couple of reference pictures:


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