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4006Re: [F-Costume] Wraith is Done!!!

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  • Judy Mitchell
    Nov 1, 2008
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      Jules wrote:
      > a platinum cure silicone from Smooth-On, it is the safest I researched
      > and after wearing it on my face including around my eyes no reaction to
      > it( I had done a patch test 1st) it is a pain in the neck to remove the
      > adhesive(Skin Tite, same company) you have to roll it off, it forms
      > little balls that want to stick to everything! But I was quite pleased
      > with it overall, and it came out of hair easily. They have both photo
      > and video tutorials on their website, will be using it for the next
      > costume that our little group is doing-Moria Orc

      I think Skin-tite is what Tim uses for Bilbo's feet and ears. I know
      I've heard someone use it before. Sounds like you need to have a tissue
      or something to stick all the little balls to when you roll them off!

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