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3968Re: [F-Costume] Halloween costume help

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  • Pamela Sacui
    Oct 10, 2008
      Have you designed/built the scaled crest yet? 
      I would think that would be your starting point, just to get an idea of color and the shape of the scales.
      At that point, then, I would think your next step would be either affixing individually designed scales (labor intensive and, depending on the adhesive, potentially hive producing or worse) or painting  the scales.  Depending on your design, you  could go as detailed or impressionistic as you want.
      I always like to work with Ben Nye products because their colors and quality are excellent.  They also have a nice line of glittery face and body paints.
      You can download a catalog here:
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      From: Meg <ldymaegwyn@...>
      Subject: [F-Costume] Halloween costume help
      To: F-Costume@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, October 10, 2008, 4:35 AM

      I'm a fairly accomplished seamstress, though I must admit I've never
      tried fantasy costuming. I'm going to a nautically themed Halloween
      party this year, and it's occurred to me that I might do something
      totally unexpected. Rather than the usual wench getup I was thinking
      I might try to dress as a character from one of my favorite fantasy
      series, The Liveship books by Robin Hobb. The description of Malta
      Vestrit from the end of the trilogy really caught my imagination. By
      that point her contact with the last of the dragons has caused her to
      grow a scaled crest on her head and to begin showing reptilian scaling
      along her brows, cheekbones, and on her hands and arms.

      I have a perfect dress for her already made, but I was hoping that
      some more experienced fantasy costumers might have some ideas about
      how to create a scaled effect on my face and a crest that doesn't
      look, well, silly. I've never even attempted stage makeup before, so
      I haven't the faintest idea where to begin. Any advice would be
      greatly appreciated,

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