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3669Re: Silk Dupioni After Washing....Gone Soft?

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  • jehanni2
    May 1, 2008
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      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, Judy Mitchell <judymitch@...> wrote:
      > darth_eagle wrote:
      > > I guess I ended up with that cause I wring(sp?) it dry to get rid of
      > > the excess water?
      > oh yeah, wringing it out will put big, 'broomstick' creases in it!

      A couple of random thoughts on air-drying fabrics:

      In my experience, hanging fabric out to dry on an outdoor clothesline
      (as compared to hanging indoors over your bathtub, say) tends to
      result in slightly less wrinkling if you have a breeze: the wind
      constantly fluttering the cloth will shake out some wrinkles. To
      duplicate this effect inside, consider pointing an electric fan at
      your hanging fabric,and adjust the speed until you get a nice
      ripple--not flapping. Blowing your fabric may stretch some fibers a
      bit. It also dries most yardage MUCH faster than just hanging.

      --Try to hang fabric in the shade, not the direct sun, to avoid
      excessive sun-bleaching (as Judy said). Some dyes will show
      significant effects in just one exposure, some not for a while.
      --How you pin matters: You will still have one big crease if you tent
      the fabric over your clothesline, and hang an equal amount of weight
      on both sides.
      --You may have little pinches where your clothespins catch the fabric.
      --There may be rules/laws in your neighborhood/town/city about when
      and where laundry can be hung. Check if you're not sure.
      --When I was in Christchurch, New Zealand 25 years ago, my flatmates
      (and all our neighbors) mostly hung their laundry outside: why waste
      the electricity to dry it? But in the winter, most people still heated
      with coal, so laundry left out to long in the winter had black spots
      from the coal ash! While this may give you an nice "period" effect,
      consider what kinds of particulates your local air has before hanging
      out your precious silks. ;-)
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