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3295Re: Stardust: Yvaine's Stardust gown

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  • Sarah
    Nov 24, 2007
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      The best way to do a yardage estimate for something like this is
      really to do the test garment first, using something similar to the
      fashion fabric but really cheap. Then when you have the pattern
      totally worked out, you can lay out the pieces as if you were laying
      out on fabric and see how far it goes. The bias pieces really make it
      hard to estimate the way you could on an all-straight grain garment.

      Tip for cutting something really wiggly like charmeuse (satin probably
      has more body, I don't know): first lay down a layer of tissue paper
      big enough to support the whole width of your fabric. (I use old
      pattern tissue since I happen to have a lot of it and can sacrifice it
      for this. You can glue-stick together lots of white giftwrapping
      tissue, or at the next dollar pattern sale pick up a couple of really
      fat ones, like bridal patterns, and use that.) Pin the fabric to the
      tissue to keep the lengthwise and crosswise grains really straight.
      Lay the pattern pieces on top of the fabric and pin the bejeezus out
      of all three layers, so the fabric is firmly sandwiched between the
      tissue papers, when you are cutting. Then leave the fabric so
      sandwiched until you are ready to sew with that piece.

      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, "darth_eagle" <darth_eagle@...> wrote:
      > I wonder how much of cloths I should be getting cause
      > it won't be me sewing it (not yet but hopefully after this gown, I can
      > start sewing my own) -__^
      > Well, hope 8m is more than enough for me. -__^
      > Fatimah
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