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  • Perseus85@aol.com
    Nov 9 6:46 AM

      If you look at the same picture just noted about the gores, you can see that the lower sleeve as actually a separate cuff that's just been folded in half and attached. if that makes sense. Looks to be 3-4 inches wide and that's why you would see the face of the fabric on the inside. Don't know if this has been figured out or not, just know that it had been questioned.

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      Cat Devereaux <CatDevereaux@...> wrote:

      > There are long triangle gores inserted at each seam. You don't need


      > pattern for those, just punt, they're easy. (Anyone got a good


      > link for skirt gores??? ) They start at low hip:

      Just noticed this question when I try to trace the gores on some of

      the photos of the costume.

      Are they just located between the Princess Seams OR also between the

      Side Seams?

      I thot I spy a Gore on the picture of her lying down:


      Thanks! ^__^


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