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3270Re: Stardust: Yvaine's Stardust gown

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  • darth_eagle
    Nov 1, 2007
      "Sarah" <sarahstrong13@...> wrote:
      > yes, there is a kind of folded back cuff. It's still the right side
      > the fabric, so either it's self lined, at least for some of the bell,
      > or there's a very deep hem, the sewing for which is concealed behind
      > the folded back part.

      Okay then. -__^ Guess if no new info pop up by the time I get this
      dress done, will have the sleeves self-lined. Anyway, I'm planning to
      have the whole dress lined anyway (rest will be with Pongee) as I tend
      to sweat a lot some times (and Satin seems to show it easily @__@ )

      > It looks like the sleeve fits quite close at the shoulder, well up
      > into the armpit, has a little extra fullness at the elbow, and then
      > much more at the wrist.

      Roger on that! -__^

      Anyway, reading Cat's post again about the Princess Seams and Gores in
      the dress, I really saw those gores now. Was wondering why the side
      seams seems to be so front before that. o__O

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