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3151Re: [F-Costume] Constructing a Cut Out

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  • Perseus85@aol.com
    Oct 3, 2007
      ::I feel pretty confident about reinforcing the circle so
      it keeps its shape. The part I am stuck on is how to
      keep the "flaps" (shaded in blue in reference)
      from falling apart/forward/ open.::

      It looks like in the drawing, there is a gathered/ pleated section or panel in the center front of the underskirt. Could you not tack the "flaps" down to the underskirt? I think that would keep them from opening up while walking, but due to the fact the underskirt has the excess fabric in the center front, it wouldn't hinder your walking. Also, since you'd be lining the over skirt to hide the interfacing, you could tack through the lining only which would make the tacks "invisible" My two cents.



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