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3148Re: [F-Costume] Constructing a Cut Out

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Oct 2, 2007
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      >> you asked about the back of the skirt. Same
      treatment, keyhole/circle in the back, so it will open
      as the wearer walks. *phew*

      Ack, but you're going to have an even worse problem in the back. with
      those leaves under the circle. I don't think wonderful flex or piping
      would be very comfortable to sit on.

      Densely woven skirt fabric (heavy but not too thick), heavy interlining
      and fairly solid lining that doesn't catch up on the shear underskirt.
      Big strip (link about 4" wider than the circle all the way down) of
      heavy interfacing. Prewash everything and make sure you cut perfectly
      on the grain. Fit the waist perfectly with little darts. Confirm you
      can sit in the skirt.... release on the sides. On your first muslin,
      the front and back of the skirt should be solid. Confirm the basic.
      Sitting, walking carefully. If the hips fit too tightly now, it's going
      to pull on your circle... so fix it before. Assume that the slit/circle
      is only going to give you knee walking room. (You'll get more, but
      figure it that way.) You're going to move like a lady in this thing, I
      hope vs. being a superhero character.

      Oh... if you do need the super hero version and light material...fill
      the circle and down with clear strong plastic. For ability to walk, in
      the back tack down the plastic in the circle and two one side. Let the
      "Slit" be to one side of the key hole. I guess you could leave it open
      in the front to... but again, just chose one side to have open.

      On the tack down to the shear underskirt... Have a 3rd skirt of slightly
      stronger material under it. Let the underskirt have the slit in front
      and back. Make sure there's enough of that gathers material pushed into
      the center so it won't tear. Then you can tack though all 3 layers and
      "freeze" the positioning. (or hidden snaps, for washing, or velcro). 3
      layers because you'll tear your shear shirt if you oversteop.

      See... many options depending on choices. Me, I like the stiff shirt on
      top method... and much heavy interfacing and interlining.... but then
      again, I have two bolts of heavy duty interfacing sitting in my bedroom
      staring at me right now. <G>

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