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3145Re: [F-Costume] Constructing a Cut Out

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  • Andrew Trembley
    Oct 2, 2007
      Cat Devereaux wrote:
      >> My concern is the flaps coming from the bottom of the
      >> circle cut-out are just going to hang awry rather than
      >> laying nice and flat and defining the circle.
      > My vote is for a fabric with a stiff hand, interline, and then bag
      > line. To keep the circle really crisp, interface the lining with medium
      > weight. I recommend the interlining (maybe canvas or a stiff ish muslin
      > because it will give body to everything and help hide where the
      > interfacing stops. (The only way I'd think it's OK to skip the
      > interlining would be if you were using something like a heavy stiff taffeta.

      It's possible to do if you want to keep the two skirt layers separate.

      That edge detail looks thick enough it should be piping. That in itself
      would add some structure. How about using something rigid instead of
      normal filler cord around the circle to "bone" it into place? I'd
      consider the plastic ring from a spring-style embroidery hoop of the
      right size, and just cut it to match the circle. If it's supposed to be
      flat piping, perhaps heat-set a shaped strip of wonderflex to make the ring.

      It's easy to do if you don't care about keeping the two skirt layers
      separate. Here are a few dirt-simple cheats:
      1. Tack (or use a buttoneer to "staple") the points of the circle to the
      underskirt to keep them flat to the underskirt (but it sounds like
      that's not what you want).
      2. Run a length of transparent monofilament thread (or fishing line)
      between the two edges of the circle to keep them together. It's a bit
      more fragile, but it would allow the layers to move separately.
      3. Don't do it as a separate underskirt. Use a narrow permanent-pleated
      fabric (or gather ordinary fabric) to the hem of the overskirt to make a
      faux underskirt.

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