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3143Re: [F-Costume] Constructing a Cut Out

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Oct 2, 2007
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      Ah comic book style drawing! <G> Looks pretty on the page, issues in 3D

      >>My concern is the flaps coming from the bottom of the
      circle cut-out are just going to hang awry rather than
      laying nice and flat and defining the circle.

      My vote is for a fabric with a stiff hand, interline, and then bag
      line. To keep the circle really crisp, interface the lining with medium
      weight. I recommend the interlining (maybe canvas or a stiff ish muslin
      because it will give body to everything and help hide where the
      interfacing stops. (The only way I'd think it's OK to skip the
      interlining would be if you were using something like a heavy stiff taffeta.

      OK... and now the thousand dollar question... what are you planning to
      do in the back. You need to be able to walk in this... and since it's
      important to the costume to keep the key hole/circle stable... you want
      the front to stay smooth when you walk... and not have the fabric pull.
      If you have no pic for the back... 3 options... 1, slit the back to the
      knees; 2, give it some kind of a petal wrap treatment so the back opens
      up as you walk; 3, gather/gore in the back (I almost see a tad bit of
      train) since we're dealing with a very stiff fabric.

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