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3124Re: Stardust - Tristan's linen coat

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  • Sarah Strong
    Sep 23, 2007
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      Did you mean to send this to the whole F costume list? (I'm including
      the list in the TO line now)
      This coat has definitely been a discussion item. If you are new to the
      list, look back in the last few weeks worth of messages, because we've
      discussed it a lot, including which patterns might make good starting
      points, etc. I was thrilled to find that I have a couple of them
      already(Butterick 6844 has a good sleeve and back), because I'm in love
      with this coat too! :)
      For a new sewer, this is going to be a challenging project, because of
      the inner structure involved in a coat: stuff you don't see but which is
      essential to the look and fit of the garment. So in addition to patterns
      that you will have to modify and graft together to get all the elements
      right (depending on how movie-accurate you want to be), you'll need a
      good book on tailoring techniques. I don't want to scare you off,
      though! One way to get started might be to work on the rest of the
      outfit, like start with the shirt which will be a simpler garment...
      that will give you some experience working with cloth and tools, the
      sewing machine, etc. without having to worry so much about exact fit and
      There are some pix in the gallery at the official web site, and the
      large-format making-of book is an excellent resource as well.
      Remember to post photos in the album as you go along, so we can admire
      your success!

      gilanutty wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > This is my first attempt at trying to make a costume. I am really in
      > love with Tristan's caot and this forum came up in a Google search I
      > made.
      > I was kinda hoping to get some advice on how I can get this made. I
      > have no idea how to sew, but am very willing to learn if I can make
      > this coat. I also love the belt he was wearing with the coat.
      > If anyone have some ideas or tips, please email me.
      > Thank you in advance.
      > :)
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