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2806RE: [F-Costume] Re: Urgent Wig Help

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jun 3, 2007
      >>Unfortunately, all wigs orders with other "cosplay" supplier had
      also closed earlier last month while local Professional Wig Shop
      charges high prices for their wigs (and they seldom carry Fun Color
      Wigs, let along strips of it)

      In the Us, I find these bags of synthetic hair in beauty supply stores.
      Before internet, which is when I was making the fun wigs... I'd just get on
      the phone and call and find out if they had the stuff. They never were
      good about knowing the colors of textures... but would say, "yea, there's
      some in the corner" I'd just go dig and spend Saturdays getting enough of
      what I wanted for the wigs.

      Also... blue can be darkened by blending in black.

      If you're really desperate... start hitting all the Goth wig places in the
      US and see what they can ship to you in time. Expensive... but depends on
      how bad you want the wig... i.e. enough for shipping and making??? Or...
      could something like a cheap party-store wig work for the first viewing of
      the costume???

      Oh... and if you go for the cheap wig option, also check theatre supply
      places. See if they've got something in the corner.


      since they tend to come from Japan or
      US. As for getting packages of the hair itself, no local source
      unless I had placed a customized order of it last April with the
      local Wig Distributor (I did it before when I wanted to make my
      Haldir Wig thicker).

      Well, will check out the options.


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