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2800Re: [F-Costume] Re: Urgent Wig Help

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  • Judy Mitchell
    Jun 2, 2007
      Cat Devereaux wrote:
      >>>I too am interested in this technique. But, I don't understand "weft"
      > and "weft hear".
      > A weft is just a strip of prepared hair that can be sewn onto a wig cap.
      > You can buy them in standard colors or you can make them from exotic colors
      > or mixes of colors. Turn any wing inside out and look at how it's put
      > together. It's bands of hair with a couple rows of stitching at the top
      > edge.

      One workshop I went to showed how the presenter made her own wefts: She
      got a spool of grosgrain ribbon (it's cheap, comes in colors, and
      different widths and is easy to find), wig hair. She would take small
      hanks and fold them in half so that the "U" end was on the ribbon, I
      think she managed to pin long enough to hold a bunch of these Us onto
      the ribbon, and then just stitched them down with her sewing machine.
      Then she just sewed the ribbons onto her cap - start at the bottom and
      work up like roof shingles, and when you get to the top flip the weft
      over so the hair bends up and over for however you want a part - and
      then the ribbon doesn't show.

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