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2799RE: [F-Costume] Re: Urgent Wig Help

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jun 2, 2007
      >>I too am interested in this technique. But, I don't understand "weft"
      and "weft hear".

      A weft is just a strip of prepared hair that can be sewn onto a wig cap.
      You can buy them in standard colors or you can make them from exotic colors
      or mixes of colors. Turn any wing inside out and look at how it's put
      together. It's bands of hair with a couple rows of stitching at the top

      >>what kind of material do you use for the cap?

      If you look at a real wig, and I don't mean the $14 ones... it's a weave of
      strips of soft elastic running across and a bit more firm elastic on the
      edge. Making your own cap will not be as comfortable as this. It's always
      hotter and a bit lumpier. But since the lumps won't show if you do the
      wefts right it doesn't really matter.

      For my cap I used a very stretchy mid-light weight 2 way stretch fabric
      that was the same color as the wig hair. One was just the fabric, the other
      I went though the energy of adding extra button-holes for air pockets.
      Helped a little, but not sure it was worth the effort for a "play" wig. I
      stabilize the top with plain old seam binding that goes from the ear tab
      across the top to ear tab.

      >>Is it
      something that can be purchased at a Joann's or is it a speciality
      item. Is it the same kind of material they use under skaters costumes?

      You can use that... but anything with 2 way stretch is good. I like to
      match the wig color more than going for flesh tone... but that's just
      preference. I figure that helps hide the fact that I'm using less wefts.

      >>I'd love to try and make my own wig. My head is small and most wigs
      don't fit right, but I love to use them.

      If a wig is too big, that's pretty easy to fix... too small can be handled
      too. You're never going to stitch together something that's as comfortable
      as a ready made cap.

      At the base of most wigs, again the ones more than $14 that are made of a
      scratchy un-stretchy net, there's an adjustment thing. One version look
      like a bra strap adjustment, another has hook like a bra strap back hook and
      the 3rd is just little Velcro strips that adjust. These things will all be
      at the base of the wig..

      If the cap is too big... tighten these down all the way and see if it's OK.
      If not you can take out some extra room on the back side of the cap and
      stitch the weft's closer together.


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