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2797RE: [F-Costume] Urgent Wig Help

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jun 1, 2007
      >>I really need a recommendation on where I can get a wig for a
      costume I'll be wearing this July.
      >>It's a 100cm (+ or - from the Crown) Wig in *Navy/Midnight Blue*
      Color and has Bang/Fringes.

      It's a very simple style... why don't you just pick up the long hanks of
      fun hair in that color and whip it up yourself. (Seriously here, you've got
      enough experience stitching). Since most of the artificial hair is
      manufactured on your side of the Pacific, you ought to be able to find
      packages of the stuff.

      Look for packages of the "silky straight" stuff... not the jumbo braid stuff
      which is kinked. http://www.doctoredlocks.com/store/syn_braiding_fiber.html
      shows both. It's the really cheap hair. 48" unfolded... then when possible
      I like to work with it doubled. The welf are more secure.

      Either way... it's just a matter of making a cap out of two way stretch...
      making the wefts and attaching it.

      I wrote an article after I made a couple ages ago... pre computer days so I
      have to find some of the pieces before I can post the whole thing... but
      I'll send the document minus all the images so you can try and decipher it.
      (PS There are pictures of a weft hear, originally from that article... but
      the same techniques we're talking about here are the same ones used.)


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