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2453RE: [F-Costume] Oddball question on high-standing collar supports

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Feb 3, 2007
      >> but the other is a high stand up collar .... Theirs are heavier (quilted
      silver lame, eventually to be
      beaded/sparkled) and they are much more active, including a can-can
      dance, which is causing them to flop about and not stand up consistently,
      even with the extra boning I

      Hard shaping like fosshape or the wonderflex may be the way to go them. The
      only other thing I can think of is to run heavy wire on the edges. You'd
      need to make a shoulder piece and then wire a second from the collar down
      the front.... and join where the two wires lay side by side so the shoulder
      piece stabilizes the collar. (IE, think of hat edge wiring on steroids.)
      You can get thick gage wire at hardware stores and shape it by bending it
      around an object that has about the same curve. It will add weight to the
      costumes, but when other methods fail, then you start playing with the
      understructure. It only has to look like it's standing up magic... not
      actually be that way.

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