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2443Re: Oddball question on high-standing collar supports

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  • Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Fiberglas or graphite kite spars. Won't break, as light as wood, and
      somewhat flexible while providing rigidity. Most come in 4' lengths.

      or <http://www.tiny.cc/qzPxG>http://www.tiny.cc/qzPxG


      At 02:43 PM 2/1/2007, you wrote:
      >the other is a
      >high stand up collar (think Ming the Merciless, Magenta or Riff from
      >RHPS or in a couple of the Big Three Halloween costume patterns).
      >Theirs are heavier (quilted silver lame, eventually to be
      >beaded/sparkled) and they are much more active, including a can-can
      >dance, which is causing them to flop about and not stand up
      >consistently, even with the extra boning I added.
      >I've slipstitched a casing with 1/4" dowelling from the points of
      >the front collar (past
      >the waist) up to the outer edge even with the ears, and that is
      >working to where they can still dance and move, but not feel
      >uncomfortable, but the dowels break easily. Any other suggestions?
      >Jonnalyhn Wolfcat

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