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2442Re: [F-Costume] Re: Oddball question on high-standing collar supports

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  • Angharad ver' Reynulf
    Feb 2, 2007
      The plastic canvas I tried also sagged, since this is coming up to a point 15" high from the nape of the neck and about 8" to each side of the face, even with the boning I had rayed out from the front of the shoulders all around the back.

      I've uploaded a file temporarily of my rough sketch of the outfit-showing the way it looks from the front and back as the collar isn't attached to the robe at all.

      Having a piece of boning stopping around the bust line to try and stabilize it from their up the front of the shoulder caused it to try and do a bullet effect, ruining the smooth line of the front, hence the thought that going from the point up on either side of the snap tape to the outer edge near the ear level would work.

      But that is approximately 25 to 28 inches on most of the collars and almost 30 on the primary one!


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