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2439Re: Oddball question on high-standing collar supports

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  • von_drago
    Feb 1 5:53 PM
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      Not sure if this would be the entire answer but it might help;

      Irish Dancers use a product called Flexi-Firm in their skirts & capes
      to keep them rigid & standing out.
      It resembles 1/8"thick felt. It is flexible & can be sewn through but
      is very "firm" & will stand up very well. It will not be immobile &
      is easy to sew through (if not to manipulate through the machine in
      large pieces - like the Irish Dance skirt).

      Not all suppliers will have it either but it might be worth checking

      Von Drago

      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, Angharad ver' Reynulf
      <dragonwolfcat@...> wrote:
      > One of my household friends fell in love with two costumes
      > currently on display or in progress at my house this month and so I
      am now making 6 matching outfits inspired by them for a drag queen
      show. One was my Julian May Tanu costume (easy-peasy,
      > even if he chose sequined fabric that stretches) but the other is a
      > high stand up collar (think Ming the Merciless, Magenta or Riff from
      > RHPS or in a couple of the Big Three Halloween costume patterns).
      > My personal stand up collar is just fine, being made out of silk
      and brocade,
      > even beaded, the pellon and boning is enough to make it stand up
      > fine. Theirs are heavier (quilted silver lame, eventually to be
      > beaded/sparkled) and they are much more active, including a can-can
      > dance, which is causing them to flop about and not stand up
      consistently, even with the extra boning I
      > added.
      > I've slipstitched a casing with 1/4" dowelling from the points of
      the front collar (past
      > the waist) up to the outer edge even with the ears, and that is
      > working to where they can still dance and move, but not feel
      > uncomfortable, but the dowels break easily. Any other suggestions?
      > A supportasse like Margo's Elizabethan patterns doesn't seem to be
      > a good idea with the range of motion and quick-change need this is
      > demanding (they will have 2 1/2 minutes to change, but one of them
      > drops the collar and robe on-stage to begin the next number-
      > the costume underneath, and looks a LOT like Kevin Roche).
      > Thank you for your time,
      > Jonnalyhn Wolfcat
      > who is glad that they like it so much, even if I'M going
      > nuts....three of them have already asked for me to consider other
      > outfits for them from Victorian inspired to pure confections of
      > fantasy or to be models in my next Masquerade entry.
      > The fish are biting.
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