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2263RE: [F-Costume] Re: Introducing myself . . .

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  • Cat Devereaux
    Jan 1, 2007
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      >>Oh geez, Cat, I remember being so flattered that you'd asked at all
      that I could hardly stand the excitement of it - not to mention the
      fun of attending my first out-of-town CostumeCon (and LosCon for
      that matter)!!!

      Well, geeze, I'm obsessive... you have the perfect look and elegance for the
      Snow Queen... why just recreate the costume when I can match the model as
      well. You put up with a lot in that outfit. (To everyone else... that was
      many hot layers starting with a full harness that held all that stuff on.
      Not only was the outer robe velvet... but the only thing I could find to get
      the robe to behave properly was this wonderful, but thick white and silver
      brocade... that made things even hotter. )

      >>And you should remind us all when you have a chance (I'm typing fast
      here and can't look it up just now) that you walked off
      with "several" awards when we entered

      The awards are nice icing... but the fun part was doing the whole thing...
      and getting to play w/ everyone. Two big memories...

      1) adding a 2nd row (after the Loscon test run) of those red iridescent
      beads while sitting in front of the television watching Los Angeles burn
      during the LA riots. The burning fire would reflect onto the beads... and
      the shine from the beads was reflecting on the TV screen. I just kept on
      beading row after row of peppermint stripes --- fire and ice -- all over the
      bottom 3rd of the skirt.

      2) The costume was designed to be flat packable... and it always lived in
      two heavy duty boxes. It was designed to be secure on the model. (All the
      stage work I'd done, I'd see costumes slip/break/fall, so wanted this very
      secure.) The figurine itself was designed weirdly since clay figures never
      have to walk so the top shoulders, with wires though all the layers, hold
      everything, including the long braid down the side. For Costume Con 10, I
      had to step up and back stage manage all the masquerades... and yet had
      plans with Denisen to present the Snow Queen there. She was a fantastic
      sport as I bargained a "slave" from the con chairs to watch after her... and
      I abandoned her in about 30 pounds of costume, thick padded train, giant
      long fingernails, a 5" long wig... to run the back stage. Though I admit, I
      took 2 minutes off to run to the back of the hall to catch the presentation.
      It was so totally cool to watch the Lenox figure come alive... costume and
      Snow Queen both. (I'd stared at that figure for ages, including while laid
      up in a couple of different casts... just trying to figure out how to make
      it live. Was a great moment to see.)

      How many hobbies can one have where you make your dreams wake up and move???


      (wow, waxing nostalgic on this new year's day)

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