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196Re: [F-Costume] Wings links

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  • Robert Goodwin
    Aug 5, 2005
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      > I just stumbled across a great site for how to make wings... all kinds of
      > wings. http://www.fursuit.org/faq/17wings.htm . Not all links are still
      > current, but enough that it's worth playing with. Have fun... think of new
      > ideas.

      Hello, Cat. As maintainer of that FAQ, thanks for mentioning it. There
      were a couple links that went bad or moved, and I fixed them. The last
      link in 17.0 before 17.1 moved, so with a little looking, you'll find it.

      I'll have an update uploaded in a month or two after I gather together
      enough things to add or modify. I go through all the links by hand twice a
      year to check for bad links. Sure it's a lot of work, but I can see if
      someone's moved or something. It's even easier on broadband.

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