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  • jehanni2
    Sep 5, 2006
      --- In F-Costume@yahoogroups.com, "Hannah" <nienorniniel6@...> wrote:
      <<I think that I will tie my hair off with brown thread using the
      ribbon method>>

      Actually, Hannah, I tie my hair off with....hair. It's handy if you
      don't happen to have any tools with you, and I imagine that someone,
      somewhere, somewhen else probably discovered that you could do this,

      I braid my hair until I have a "tassel" of about 4 inches
      left...depending on how thick your ends are (mine are thin and whispy
      by that time), you might need a little more length. From the tassel I
      separate a strand that is as long as possible (don't use the short
      hairs) and about 1/8 inch thick. I wrap the thin strand around the rest
      of the tassel once, and tuck it from the top to the bottom over the
      first twist of the strand in between the tassel and the strand....this
      makes a half-hitch knot. Pull it tight, so that the strand secures the
      bottom of the braid.

      Keeping the tension tight on the strand, I pick up two similar thin
      strands from the body of the tassel, and braid a tight little "mouse-
      tail" braid the rest of the way...until I run out of hair. This keeps
      the strand from loosening up, and freeing the braid.

      My final step grosses out my sister, but it's critical: lick the

      The moisture keeps the mousetail from unraveling, and the slight
      glueiness of the saliva tends to hold the mousetail together even when
      it's dry. This tieless braid lasts for me most or all day, depending on
      how active I am. If I tuck it under a french braid, it lasts longer
      than if I let the tail swing free.

      If you prefer to use thread to secure the mousetail, you can, if you
      have some handy. Since it's so small diameter at this point, thread
      will do just fine to anchor it.

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