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1831Re: [F-Costume] mid 18thC Hairpins

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  • aquazoo@patriot.net
    Sep 5, 2006
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      Check out the Yahoogroup, FandIWoman.

      For 18thC, I just wrap my hair into a bun without braiding it first.
      If you do braid it first, it won't "undo" once it's in a bun. So you
      don't need to tie off the ends. If necessary, you can use an elastic
      band at the end and slip it off just as you do the last wrap. Tuck
      the end under the rest of the bun, but if you've been playing with
      long hair you already know this!

      18thC hairpins are a U shape without the squiggly sides you find in
      modern hairpins. Vermont Country Store makes extra-long hairpins
      (modern & squiggly), which are very helpful with long, thick hair.
      The ends are laquered but not rubber. Don't bother with the plastic
      (tortise color)hairpins — they break on me in a hurry.

      It's great that you want to be as correct as possible, but plenty of
      people use modern tricks under the cap and concentrate their efforts
      on what's visible. Hairspray, barettes, combs — whatever it takes.
      (Just be careful of scented products because they may attract bees.)
      You may need to help girls with modern haircuts, and also remember it
      was not the fashion to wear bangs or fringe.

      Another trick with caps is to pin them on top with a straight pin
      through the hair. Some caps can be very slippery, and wind can be a
      factor, too. There is a French cap style that's very small and
      covers the bun and not much else — very cute! The Fleur de Lyse
      patterns have several cap styles including this one.


      >> I will be going to several French and Indian wars rendesvouz with my
      >> 4H group this year, and it is required that we come as period correct
      >> as possible. My costume is in progress and going fine, but I've got a
      >> dilemma. My hair is fairly long, at 3 1/2 feet measured from the
      >> scalp, and I need to be able to pin it up and stuff it under a cap.
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