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  • Hannah
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Hey everyone, and especially the history buffs. I realize this may be
      a bit off topic, being historical and not fantasy, but it may be
      helpful in both areas.
      I will be going to several French and Indian wars rendesvouz with my
      4H group this year, and it is required that we come as period correct
      as possible. My costume is in progress and going fine, but I've got a
      dilemma. My hair is fairly long, at 3 1/2 feet measured from the
      scalp, and I need to be able to pin it up and stuff it under a cap.
      For this I need elastics and hairpins, but don't want to use, well,
      elastics and hairpins.
      More specifically, rubber and plastic. Does anyone know of a place
      online that I could find good, sturdy metal, bone or horn pins without
      rubber or plastic nubs?
      I also need a way to tie off the ends of my heavy braids without using
      elastics. Ribbons are of course an option, but they invariably fall
      off. I'd appreciate any ideas.
      Thanks very much for your time,
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