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  • Malacka
    Here s your SuccessXpress Writer s Tip for today... Mr. Colon is a very flexible gentleman. But there are limits to his use. Mr. Colon doesn t mind being
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      Here's your SuccessXpress Writer's Tip for today...

      Mr. Colon is a very flexible gentleman. But there are
      limits to his use.

      Mr. Colon doesn't mind being called to duty to:

      - Introduce a series, a list, or an example (Just like this
      - To separate hours from minutes (11:45 p.m.)
      - To introduce a formal statement (Space: The Final
      - After a formal salutation (Dear Madam:)

      Got it? Great! Now try to remember the next time, okay?

      Class dismissed!

      But before you go�

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      EBook Basic package

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      easier if someone just sits down and shows me how to do
      something. And I just found a great video training program
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      Imagine how difficult it would be to learn to drive a car if
      you could only read about it. Pretty scary huh? Well
      that's the difference between reading about, and actually
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      And that appears to be the philosophy behind Eva Almeida and
      Mark Caron's new product "The eBook Basic" package.

      There's no question that information is the most popular
      seller on the Internet. And the most popular means of
      distributing that information is the eBook.

      The nifty thing about this program is that "eBook Basic"
      gives you a virtual driver's license in a must-have skill
      quickly and easily - with just the click of a mouse.
      Nothing could be easier!

      Like I said, I looked at this package and personally, I
      think the developers were much too modest in naming this
      product because the package definitely goes way beyond the

      The "eBook Basic" is a cutting-edge collection of 8 video
      tutorials that walk you step-by-step through the daunting
      process of designing, compiling, converting and distributing
      eBooks. This program has absolutely everything you need!

      So, if you need someone to literally "show" you how to make
      an eBook, if you want to skip endless hours of reading and
      the hundreds of other hazardous fender-benders you could
      encounter trying to manually learn about professional eBook
      production, then take a look at this product.

      It gets my highest recommendation for those serious about
      producing professional quality eBooks.

      Oh, I almost forgot� Don't take my word for it. Download a
      free video and see for yourself!


      Yours in Success,

      Editor SuccessXpress - the planet's only
      newsletter that talks back to readers!

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