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Lady Oracle Life Weekly

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  • nberezowsky
    Advice. Motivation. Inspiration. Delivered every Wednesday via subscription. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 24, 2003
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      Advice. Motivation. Inspiration.
      Delivered every Wednesday via subscription.


      The topic for April is Sex and Intimacy.

      If you haven't subscribed yet, here's what you missed:

      "Creating intimacy takes courage; nurturing it takes vigilance. When
      was the last time you took the temperature of your relationship? The
      current state of your sex life could be the canary in the coal mine.

      Is the bird dead? Or is it gasping for breath?

      Sex and your sheer enjoyment of it lies not in your body fat ratio
      or in this month's issue of Maxim. It lies within your relationship
      with your partner. Within yourself.

      We have put sex outside of ourselves for a very long time. We have
      robbed it of it's power and spirituality. We have declared it a TO
      DO. "Carve out time for sex," is what we are told. Hummm. I think
      sex is an extension of connection, of intimacy between two loving
      people. It's pure. A No Carve Zone.

      I don't believe in carving. I believe in living. Live your love,
      live your connection to your mate. Live your desire for intimacy.

      Make it an active, vital force in your daily life. Make your
      relationship an expression of your soul and the sex will follow
      quite naturally.

      This kind of talk unnerves men, who wonder how the sex can get dirty
      if it gets too intimate.

      Well, I say GET OVER IT. This madonna/whore complex has limited you
      sexually for far too long. You can have dirty sex with your beloved
      intimate. You can experiment and have wild adventures. Yes, you can!
      But you have to have intimacy first or she ain't going anywhere.
      Have courage, my love, and build the trust through the sharing of

      The reward is a sex life you will never find in a magazine."

      Lady Oracle Life Weekly is a friendly hybrid of self-improvement,
      humour, meditations and practical how-to's.

      ~The Advice Column
      ~Guest Columnists
      ~Inspirational Quotes
      ~Motivational Tips
      ~Links to free ebooks, resources, sites of topical interest.
      ~Mystery Meat

      What you won't get at Life Weekly is pages of advertising. There are
      only 3 ads per issue; they are chosen for their relevancy to our
      current topic wherever possible.

      You'll receive a bonus ebook with your subscription and other perks
      along the way as I discover them.

      Subscribe to Lady Oracle Life Weekly via
      mailto:ladyoracle@... or visit
      http://www.ladyoracle.com/newsletter.html and use the form.

      I look forward to meeting you!

      Nadine Berezowsky
    • nberezowsky
      Lady Oracle Life Weekly. Advice for Your Everyday Life ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Available via subscription every
      Message 2 of 5 , May 1, 2003
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        Lady Oracle Life Weekly. Advice for Your Everyday Life
        Available via subscription every Wednesday.


        And we prove it week after week at Lady Oracle Life Weekly.

        Here's a sample of some of the problems we've tackled this

        "Help! I'm married to a money pit!"
        "My husband has a headache - again."
        "I can't commit to getting in shape."
        "I can't kick the credit card habit."

        We're all trying to do better, right?

        Whether we're trying to get out of debt or lose weight, our success
        depends largely on breaking down an old destructive
        behavior patterns and replacing them with positive ones.

        Sound easy?

        It should be, but everyday life has a way of getting in the way
        of self-improvement and thwarting goals. Lady Oracle Life
        examines what's going on in our lives and offers practical
        solutions. Topics are rotated on a monthly basis and there are
        no sacred cows.

        Past months have dealt with money management, fitness, and sex
        with irreverence and originality.

        Sample an issue at http://www.ladyoracle.com/lifeweekly.html

        And that's just the beginning...

        You'll find in each subscription issue:

        ~The Advice Column
        ~Motivational Tips
        ~Inspirational Quote
        ~Guest Articles
        ~Links to Relevant Sites
        ~Resources and eBooks
        ~And any other goodies I can dig up

        What you won't get is pages of advertising. Ads are limited to
        3 per issue.

        There is no cost for Lady Oracle Life Weekly and every new
        subscriber receives a bonus ebook.

        Subscribe today! I look forward to meeting you.

        To Subscribe: Send email to mailto:ladyoracle@...
        or visit http://www.ladyoracle.com/newsletter.html and use
        the form.

        Owner: Nadine Berezowsky
        URL: http://www.ladyoracle.com
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