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"Daily Dose of Love" Ezine Announcement + 4 FREE GIFTS for Subscribing

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  • Dan Klatt
    Subscribe to your personalized Daily Dose of Love online at: http://healthyrelationship.com/healthyrelationship/dailydoseoflove.html (Read on and get your 4
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2002
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      Subscribe to your personalized "Daily Dose of Love" online at:

      (Read on and get your 4 FREE GIFTS)

      It's like having your own personal relationship coach, every day giving
      you free advice on how to understand your partner better (men and
      women have very different perspectives, and this lack of understanding
      causes many fights and relationships to end).

      Have you ever:

      <3 Gotten really upset with someone and said or did things you later regretted?
      <3 Held onto a grudge for a long time, even though you know this only hurts you?
      <3 Not asked someone out because you were afraid of being rejected?
      <3 Put your work or other things before your partner or didn't
      pay enough attention
      to him/her until it was too late, and you lost this

      Let's face it.

      Schools don't teach us how to love, or even
      how to be in a healthy relationship.
      Our parents likely didn't have one, either, so they couldn't
      help even if they wanted to.

      Now you do have an invaluable resource to give you the
      fundamentals to be in
      a healthy relationship and keep it mutually rewarding, fun and
      fulfilling, for both of you!

      Let me, Dan Klatt, (author of
      "Experience Unconditional Love This Year"
      and the "Unconditional Love Workbook") be your personal
      relationship coach.

      Subscribe at http://www.HealthyRelationship.com for free, and
      then e-mail
      dailydose@... for your 4 FREE GIFTS. (Believe me,
      you'll like them)

      So subscribe now, because remember, "What's
      more important than

      All my love (unconditionally, of course),

      Dan Klatt,
      Unconditional Love

      P.S. Remember, e-mail dailydose@... to get your 4 FREE GIFTS
      (and it tells you how to start getting your Daily Dose of Love).


      daily dose of love has been uplifting and helpful in creating
      my self love."
      -- Nancy

      "It makes me laugh so so so much--
      coz it looks as if a pal of mine has
      -- Aditi

      "Every one has been relevant and
      potentially helpful to either my own life or for freinds,
      I'm forwarding to those friends." -- Amy

      "Thank you for the 'Daily
      Dose of Love' newsletter. It speaks to the mind and to the heart."
      -- Veronica
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