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  • Don Pagan
    (a) Name of Ezine: The Copywriter s Clinic TCC 6,450 subscribers (b) Subject:There is a shortage of GOOD copywriters. Copywriting is as far from academic
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2002
      (a) Name of Ezine: "The Copywriter's Clinic TCC"

      6,450 subscribers

      (b) Subject:There is a shortage of GOOD copywriters. Copywriting
      is as far from academic writing as you can get, and YOU don't
      have to be a writer at all to learn to be a top-notch copywriter.
      What YOU need are the fundamental secrets, a few tricks of the
      trade, and the right contacts.

      Here's the first secret, If you can write a simple letter, YOU
      can become a well-paid copywriter.

      Bluntly, copywriting pays very well and I heartily recommend BOTH
      the money and the lifestyle.

      Funny thing about being a copywriter. It's one of the world's
      best "jobs," but there's actually a shortage of decent

      Very few people know this work exists and even fewer know the
      secrets of how to do it successfully.

      I know more than two-dozen people who have used our program to
      kick-start successful copywriting careers. Most importantly,
      you'll learn how easy it is for you to get started too.

      If you want a new career here are the facts: Changing the course
      of your life to create the kind of work and lifestyle you really
      want takes time, effort and commitment. Period.

      Back then I couldn't afford to just quit my job to learn a new
      skill. That's the reason I like this step by step approach. The
      course is broken into 13 installments and it can fit into
      anyone's schedule.

      If YOU're curious to learn more about a new, exciting career as a
      professional copywriter or if you want to put some magic in your
      writing skills to promote your own business, I encourage you to
      subscribe and 'kick the tires' on The Copywriter's Clinic. It's
      FREE. subscribe, mailto:thecopywritersclinic@...

      P.S. Browse around, meet the family and feel the excitement of
      what we offer. Make copywriting part of YOUR future. Keep in
      touch and one day I'll be adding your picture up there with my
      other famous students.

      (c) Article Submissions: yes 700 words Copywriting, writing or

      (d) Ad Swaps: YES, one top spot per month. 15 lines 65 char /
      line Published weekly on Tuesday and Friday. Solo swap also.

      (e) Free Ads: With new subscription. 6 lines 60 char / line

      (f) Publisher Name: CharDon Publishing, Inc.

      (g) Subscribe address: mailto:thecopywritersclinic@...

      (h) Editor / Publisher Don Pagan, Contact address:

      Don Pagan is a coach, mentor, business development consultant,
      speaker, author, and copywriter. With a background in Computer
      Science, Corporate Management and Marketing Strategies, Mr. Pagan
      also teaches marketing strategies, professional selling and
      copywriting fundamentals.
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