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  • Eugenijus
    I d like to invite you to look at this new lucrative opportunity called Juvio. *** Listen to our 22 minute recorded call NOW by clicking this link -
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2005
      I'd like to invite you to look at this new lucrative opportunity
      called Juvio.

      *** Listen to our 22 minute recorded call NOW by clicking this link -
      http://www.juvio.com/images/r.mp3 .
      Hear about the fastest way to make money in the business. (Hint:
      NEVER bother your family and friends again.)***
      ** See our new website at: www.[yourusername].juvio.com **
      **Attend our live business call Wednesday Night at 6:00pm Pacific,
      7:00pm Mountain 8:00pm Central and 9:00pm Eastern. Call 212-796-1701
      use PIN 8005# **
      So why should you consider Juvio and our team for making money from
      Here are 6 reasons:
      1. You will learn the best and fastest way to make money in network
      a. You earn a tremendous residual income by promoting cutting-edge
      products and services that every Internet Marketer truly needs.
      b. We only contact existing network marketing distributors. These are
      the best people to target because they already believe in network
      marketing, they already are trained in network marketing, they always
      are looking for a winning product line and opportunity, and they
      always know other network marketers whom they can refer to your
      product line and business.
      c. We do not tell you to bother your family, friends, neighbors, and
      co-workers about our business opportunity. We do not tell you to use
      only "biz opp seekers" leads. Those are guaranteed paths to failure
      and disaster.
      d. You never have to spend a fortune on leads.
      2. You are compensated substantially for your efforts. And our
      automated marketing system makes it easier than ever to promote the
      Juvio product line.
      a. Juvio pays out 70% of all their Global earnings to their
      representatives. That means if Juvio earns a Billion dollars in
      products sales this year, you would share 700 million dollars with
      the other qualified representatives in the Juvio Corporation.
      b. You get paid a Fast Track Bonus of 5% on all of your personal
      volume you make in the first 10 days of the commission cycle.
      c. You will receive a 3% code share bonus when you help others to
      reach leadership levels.
      3. We have top-notch training and support.
      a. You get live team training calls at least once a week to teach you
      exactly how to do this, to keep you up-to-date, and to make you part
      of the team.
      b. You get live opportunity calls so that your prospects can hear
      more about us.
      c. You get proven emails, follow-ups, ads, and automated prospecting.
      4. We have the first service breakthrough in our industry ever!
      a. You will have access to the newest, exclusive, sales and promotion
      b. You will have access to the latest technologies and services that
      the industry has to offer.
      c. See testimonials at
      5. We are the fastest growing group in the company!
      a. We add hundreds of people a month to our Powerlines monthly.
      b. Anyone who joins today will have those who join tomorrow placed
      below them.
      c. You will be at the forefront of a huge industry if you join now.
      6. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get started.
      a. You have the opportunity to get your business started for only
      b. Products and services are handled by the company. This means no
      overhead for you.
      c. You do not spend excessive money on product purchase requirements.
      d. You do not spend a fortune on leads with my team. If you are
      serious about making money, I will teach you to generate your own
      leads for free!
      Now go to http://piano.juvio.com
      to review this ethical and lucrative winning opportunity. Then email
      me and I will walk through the sign-up process with you.

      Your Partner in Success,


      "Independent Associate Member"

      P.S Don't miss our recorded call at http://www.juvio.com/images/r.mp3
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